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Student Comments

How does our Program rate with our students and alumni?

How faculty are rated by our students Would our graduates do it again?   Are our Alumni satisfied?  


EKU's Sociology program taught me that the world is at my disposal.  From the past I can see the present.  From the present I anticipate the future.  We are never too separated from history, rather we become fixated on the possibilities of the future.

Jeffrey Cawood, Class of 2015


I relate the study of sociology to my work daily.  Every job interview I have been on, I've been offered a job with the exception of one, and all of the perspective employers were impressed with the credentials that EKU's sociology program has offered me - so for that, I am very thankful!

Michael Adcock, Class of 2015


As an undergraduate student, EKU's sociology program offered me valuable research experience and a theoretical foundation which prepared me well for graduate school and beyond as an alumna. The faculty is bright, approachable, and helpful. It is certainly a program to consider!

Jessica Pulliam, Class of 2011


Although I am not currently employed in an academic or research position directly related to sociology, I find my training in sociology relevant in dealing with every day affairs. My training in sociology helps me relate and communicate with people--which I do every day. Sociology has helped me think more independently and analytically at varying levels- from individual/micro-level phenomena to societal/macro phenomena. I'm able to draw upon sociological theory to help me make sense of our very complex society and the myriad of institutions and individuals that compose our world.… EKU's sociology program and professors helped me build an educational foundation that has already had a profound positive influence on my life. Simply, I am a smarter, more well rounded individual who is better able to think 'outside the box' because of my experiences in the sociology program at EKU. The professors are of a high caliber and are very personable and willing to work extra hard to see the program's students succeed. I can honestly say that I would not be where I'm at right now were it not for a couple EKU sociology professors going above and beyond the call of duty to see me through the program.… My training in sociology has already benefited me immensely and will continue to do so.

Patrick Carter North, Class of 2003
Received Master of Science in Rural Sociology from Auburn University in 2005

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